LaToya’s Story

This month we are talking with Laurin’s client LaToya. She has made substantial physique changes over the past year, but she’s made even more progress with the shifts in her mindset. LaToya has struggled, like a lot of us, with negative thinking in the past, which only sparks more negativity. She’s done an amazing job being able to shift to a more positive, growth-based mindset – and everything else in her life has followed suit.
Here is how she did it!

 What led you to Team LoCoFit?

My good friend, Kat Coburn, has worked with Team Locofit for quite some time. Watching her growth physically and mentally inspired me to sign up with Team Locofit. I also had the opportunity to meet Laurin Conlin, at NPC North Americans when Kat competed in 2019. Laurin was so warm and welcoming– she didn’t make me feel like an outsider.

Initially, what did you struggle with?

Trusting the process, staying on track with my eating, and thinking positive.

What has been your favorite part of the process?

Laurin puts an emphasis on mental health to ensure my success. This has been a game changer. It forces me to really be introspective to what I’m thinking about so I can make the changes I need to grow!

What are you most proud of?

My mindset. I really do trust the process now. I think I will be competitive next year [on stage]!

What do you think coaching did for you that you couldn’t have done on your own?

I would say focusing on the mental aspect of it all. I didn’t think that side was that important, [compared to diet or training], but I’ve found this is the most important part.

What is your current goal? What is up next?

My current goal is to get to 140lbs, and I’m 13lbs away. My next goal will be to get back on stage and go for my pro card.


We are so excited to watch LaToya reach her goals this year and kill it on stage!

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