Body Blueprint

Enrollment for the next program is open September 19-24th

High quality training at an affordable cost

Looking to build muscle and feel more confident in the gym? If yes, then Body Blueprint is the program for you! Everyone from busy moms, to working professionals, to physique competitors to clients simply looking to get in better shape have used and loved this program. Body Blueprint is Team LoCoFit’s monthly subscription training program that we created as a high quality, low cost option to help you get the results you desire.

What you can expect

Once a month, you will be sent a new training program from Team LoCoFit’s training director, Ryan Conley. Body Blueprint is a four day upper-lower training split that hits all body parts. This program is a blend of both compound lifts and the appropriate accessory work to help you build muscle and gain strength at the same time! Each month the program changes and builds upon the last month, allowing you to continue to make progress no matter when you join.

You will need a full gym set up to complete all the training days on the program as well as experience with basic compound lifts, like squats, hip hinges and pressing movements. Body Blueprint uses a combination of percentage based training and RPE (rating of perceived exertion) throughout the program.

What people are saying about Body Blueprint

I feel great strength wise! This was my second week following the Body Blueprint program and I’m loving it. I used to train 6 days a week so a 4 day split is new and something I’ve had to adjust to but I’m loving it! I’ve been finding that I feel ready to life during each session, I feel strong and fully recovered. This program has shown me the value in taking enough rest days to recover.

– Vanessa

This is my 10th month on Body Blueprint and I love it! I’ve added mass to all the right places, especially my glutes and shoulders. I’ve made consistent progress with my strength goals during reversing and cutting phases. The variety of movements that Ryan programs always keeps things interesting and challenging and I’ve been able to complete every month with my basic home gym setup. Most importantly, I’ve been injury free and have complete trust in his extensive training knowledge.

– Karna

Body Blueprint is an investment that is worth any cost. As someone who played multiple sports through high school, had lifted since I was 15 and spent some time in the military, I had seen just about every workout plan or program around. The problem is, after some severe injuries I hit a rut while in the gym. I felt like I was doing the same workouts on repeat with no solid plan to grow through my potential. I was just going through the motions. Body Blueprint is a great program and an easy plan to follow. Great examples, substitutions and descriptions of what you should be doing. It was also awesome that it had an at home version when all the gyms were forced to close. I do not put my name behind just anything, but I will put my name behind this program, over and over again. Thank you Laurin and Ryan for an amazing product!

– Travis

I love Body Blueprint because it’s a well-rounded program that combines both strength and hypertrophy, incorporates progressive overload, has an awesome exercise selection and is only four days a week so I feel recovered after rest days. I like that they keep the basics in the program so you can track your progression but change out the accessory movements monthly. I have done this program my whole 32 week prep and have never felt better. I’m excited to do this during an offseason to continue to make huge gains! Team LoCoFit really knows how to write a program and I highly recommend Body Blueprint to anyone from beginner to advanced, because it’s as hard as YOU make it.

– Brandi

Body Blueprint has been a complete game changer for me. Before BB I was constantly changing up my training programs and just mindlessly going about my business in the gym. Granted, I made some baby gains but my return on investment was not great! Once I started with Body Blueprint, I felt such a purpose in the gym. I was focused, I really started paying so much more attention and lifting with intent. I started to see changes in my body composition and my strength increased in ways I didn’t think I could before. I was actually progressing and started to feel like I knew what I was doing in the gym. I don’t know how I lived without this program before and I recommended it to literally anyone! Team LoCoFit really knows what they are doing and it shows in the programming they send out every month! At such a great cost, nothing compares!

– Kelli

Ryan’s ever expanding knowledge and genuine interest in all things training shows in his attention to detail within the programs. Each monthly Body Blueprint plan is well written including warm ups, optional glute circuits, cardio suggestions, a bank of exercise substitutions and video links! The video links are especially helpful. It’s nice to have to a direct link to a proper demo. My 2019 IFBB Pro Bikini prep training was done entirely using this training program. BB is the perfect option for me when I need to budget accordingly for training while still building muscle, staying motivated in the gym, improving my body composition and feeling my best! Thank you Team LoCoFit for making a solid, incredible training program available for everyone!

– Aria