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From bodybuilding, to powerlifting, to CrossFit, to jiu jitsu, our team of dedicated coaches have the expertise to guide you through your competitive season without sacrificing your health in the process.

Who Is This For?

First time physique competitors eager to embrace the entire process of competitive bodybuilding.

Performance athletes looking to dial in their nutrition to perform at their highest level and maximize recovery.
Veteran physique competitors ready to bring their best physique to stage, and smoothly transition post competition.

Athletes ready to step out of unnecessary extremes. High level physique and performance athletics is extreme enough. We don’t support making it harder.

Who Is This Not For?

Individuals looking for lifestyle coaching.

You’ll be interested in Redefine Healthy Coaching.


We understand your excitement, but we don’t coach the traditional “get ready in 12 weeks” mentality.


While we do support athletes with their weight cuts, it’s in the context of a healthy pre-competition period so we don’t have to use ultra extreme methods.


Recovery post competition is the most important time for coaching. We’ll be there every step of the way, and we expect your commitment to the entire process.

I have worked with Laurin for over three years now, and she is the coach for me. Laurin prioritizes mental health, habit building, and lifestyle flexibility, which is what we all need, even us experienced ones. I don’t feel like I am just a number to Laurin. I feel like a person, and a whole person. I have achieved physical transformations, improved my relationship with food and have learned so much to expand as a coach myself. I appreciate her ability to take the hardest weeks and put them into perspective, help guide a mindset change, or sometimes just being there for the mental aspect of life.

One of the things I appreciate most with having Laurin as my coach is it’s a partnership. She respects my knowledge as a coach, answers my questions, and is always up for trying new ideas. I cannot thank Laurin enough for changing my life in many ways the last three years. Not just physically, but as a whole. Laurin is not just a fitness coach, she takes care of you as a whole person!

Brandi Adaszewski

I came to Laurin having begun my bodybuilding career with the hopes of overcoming an intense habit of restricting and binging. Right before starting with Laurin, after my second show, I got to my lowest point. That’s when I started looking for a coach who could help educate me not only on why these things happen but provide me with the tools to become a healthier version of myself and build a competitive physique in the process.

We have been through three full competition seasons together all while I lived overseas in Japan. We overcame moves, lockdowns, sick kids, a very often deployed husband, competition travel restrictions, and all of the nuances of competing in a different country. We did all of this while overcoming my habit of bingeing, evolving into the strongest version of myself and becoming an IFBB Figure Pro all before turning 35.

Laurin never once doubted my ability, she is patient, yet stern, and she sure as hell held me accountable to the actions that were needed to accomplish my goals. Some weeks the self-reflection needed was quite literally excruciating, but there is no judgment in Laurin’s coaching technique. Instead, there is acceptance, reflection, education, and action.

Emily Burgess

Laurin not only recognizes my measurable progress and has helped me reach my goals, but she also recognizes the work I do along the way both physically and mentally. I have completely revamped my perspectives on life, and I finally understand what balance means.

Laurin taught me how to feed myself and appreciate the value of quality food versus quantity. There was no cookie cutter diet plan, or any crazy tactics that got me to stage. I felt healthy the whole way through, and truly enjoyed the process. I was even able to shake comparing myself to everyone and psyching myself out. I had so much fun and took home a 1st place trophy in my first show!

Backstage, I heard overhead other athletes in distress, wondering where their coach was, not knowing what to do. I felt so grateful to have Laurin right there, supporting me the whole way through.

There’s no reason why people need to suffer as much as they do to reach their goals. If I hadn’t gone through those past “bro science” coaches, I wouldn’t have appreciated Laurin as much as I do. It is an entirely different experience and one that I hope more people choose first, instead of going through a needless road of suffering and emotional turmoil.

Madix Lucas

Laurin has come along for a long bumpy ride during many chapters of life and her unwavering support throughout it all really speaks to her passion for what she does. No judgment, no shame, no guilt trips- just pure support. Since we started working together almost three years ago, I’ve had 3 surgeries, including a total hip replacement, career changes with endless travel, personal ups and downs and days where I was questioning it all. Laurin has always met me where I’m at and provided digestible, impactful recommendations to inch me closer to, not only reaching my goals, but sustained change. Throughout our time together, even on a hormonal level, I have changed and evolved but we have adjusted the rudders accordingly.
Recently, I set out on a very specific goal of competing in my first jiu jitsu tournament. I entered two divisions as a blue belt for a weight class close to 13lbs under my walking weight. Laurin mapped out a plan with my macros, monitoring the changes closely week after week to ensure weight was dropping and I was able to sustain energy to train both strength and jiu jitsu most days. Within four weeks of the tournament, I got Covid which required several dietary and training adjustments. Despite a week of rest, I checked in frequently with Laurin and we didn’t skip a beat keeping me on track.

Going into the week of the tournament, I was within 5 pounds so we started a water load to shred the last few pounds. Each day, I would check in with Laurin and we would manipulate water and sodium intake based on weight and planned training. The day of the tournament, I weighed in on the money for my weight class full of energy and competing well enough to take home gold and silver. Throughout my cut for my tournament, I knew it would be tough, but I honestly felt good the entire time. I remained calm and trusted that with Laurin’s oversight, we were going to be dead on. I’m already planning my next tournament and this time, I might cut another weight class… you hear that coach?

Laurin understands that nutrition doesn’t operate in a silo and to see lasting change and adherence, a holistic, 360 view of her client’s lives is necessary to affect change. It’s one of the many reasons I love her approach to nutrition. If you’ve read all of this and still aren’t sure about applying for coaching, just do it. Whatever your goals are: IFBB, NPC, jiu jitsu, better habits, hormone health, or otherwise…. Laurin and her team can help get you there!

Melissa Isaacs

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Indicate If You'd Like A Live Consult Call Or A Recorded Response.

You can either book a live consult on Zoom or with the information provided in the application, we can send you a recorded response with our plan of action.

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