Erica’s Story

This month we are talking with Karina’s client Erica. Erica is making her way to the bikini stage for the very first time. Over that time period, Erica has completely transformed her body and made strides of progress in her overall health. She has lost over 40 pounds, established healthy habits, and a love for training. Here is how she did it!

What led you to Team LoCoFit?
YouTube. When I first got the idea of competing, I would be on YouTube everyday watching vlogs from former and present competitors. I wanted to see how they train, eat, their cardio routines etc. They would also share their advice on what to do as a first time competitor. Number one thing: FIND A GOOD COACH!

Going into the sport I knew I wanted a female guiding me through this whole new life. I stumbled across Laurin’s vlog video “Where Should You Be Before You Start a Prep?” After that video I kept watching more and more of videos on her channel and soon realized she had her own coaching website. What I liked about Team LoCoFit is it was an all female team and that they cared about actual athlete goals, health and lifestyle.

Initially, what did you struggle with? 
First, DIET. Yo-yo dieting was part of my everyday lifestyle. Going vegan, trying keto, maybe eating less calories would always race through my mind. It came to a point where I would binge eating or not even eat at all. I was always afraid to eat more. When I would eat, I didn’t think to always hit protein or include veggies, fruits, and a good source of carbs and fats. 

How have you improved in that area? 

Not a day goes by where I think about not feeding my body. I now know that food is my friend and not my enemy. I know what my body wants and what food groups respond well to it. I am a lover of sweets but I know everything is good in moderation, whereas old me wouldn’t even dare to pick up a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. 

What has been your favorite part of the process?

The way my mindset and lifestyle have changed. A year ago I would have woken up, looked in the mirror, told myself not to eat today, and go do two hours of sprints. Today I can wake up and do the complete opposite. I put in more time to what’s going to benefit me in the long run instead of what will destroy me in two hours. Ex. a good night’s rest vs. a night out at the bar. Now, of course that doesn’t mean I cut out all the fun in my life, but simply replaced it with new things that make me even happier. 

What are you most proud of? 

Even when times got tough, (injury, pushed back show date, binge episodes) I still kept going. Most people would have quit but quitting is not in my vocabulary. I am proud that I changed my life around for me and no one else. Everyday I wake up with a drive to be better than the day I was before. Lastly, my progress. I remember in the beginning I would always tell Karina that I struggled to look in the mirror because I always felt I looked the same and nothing was changing. Boy was I wrong. I get so excited to look at my before and after pictures week to week because now, instead of getting frustrated or giving myself negative feedback, I can see areas I need to improve on and areas that I improved in. 

What do you think coaching did for you that you couldn’t have done on your own? 

Gave me a sense of direction in fitness and health. In 2014, I started to lift in the gym and “eat clean” . I KNEW NOTHING. What were macros? Protein goal? Rest days? Caloric deficit? I was so lost. Joining Team LoCoFit I have found myself invested in learning ways to feed your body, recover, build etc. 

What is your current goal? What is up next?

Currently Coach Karina and I are working to get me on stage July 16th for my first ever Bikini Competition. Afterwards I would definitely still want to work with Karina to recomp my body and build more muscle and possibly step on stage again.

We cannot wait to see Erica absolutely crush her first competition! Be sure to follow Erica’s journey on Instagram @elopezzz_ and on TikTok @elopezz_!

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