Laura’s Story

It’s no secret that we have the most badass clients. We are grateful for our team of unique, strong, courageous women. Each month we like to feature one of our clients and have them share their stories and pass along what they have learned to you.

This month we are talking with Sam’s client Laura. Sam and Laura have been working together for about 18 months. Over that time, Laura has made so many incredible changes and has had a growth mindset the whole time. She has learned how to track macros, has started strength training consistently and fervently, and has leaned into the process over and over. Here is how she did it! 

What led you to Team LoCoFit?
I followed coach Sam! Sam inspired me while coaching at orange theory. When I found out she was leaving orange theory and going into coaching I knew I wanted to work with her.

Initially, what did you struggle with? 
There were a few things I struggled with at the beginning. One thing was staying consistent with the macros. I had a few too many untracked meals and snacks that were really hurting my tracking in the beginning. I also struggled with making my journey a priority. I have goals like anyone else but, it is seriously hard to prioritize certain goals and weight loss/management is one of them. Making sure I was planning my meals and holding myself accountable to going to the gym regularly was super difficult in the beginning. Once I was able to convince myself that my journey is worth it and there is a reason I am doing all of this, I was able to keep myself on track. 

How have you improved in that area? 

I plan out my entire week of meals with my fiance every Sunday. I plan which days I will be working out every week and do my very best to keep that promise to myself. Having go-to foods/meals really helped with the consistency too. I know certain foods will get me to the numbers I need to be at and I plan my grocery list around the food I need. 

What has been your favorite part of the process?

My favorite part of this journey is learning that I can do it. When there have been so many failed attempts in the past, it’s the best feeling to start seeing results and results that will stick. 

What are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of the fact that this is something I have not given up on. There were times I wanted give up and throw in the towel but, I kept going and I am seeing results. I am proud that I am doing this for myself and that I can love myself enough to drive results. 

What do you think coaching did for you that you couldn’t have done on your own? 

Everything. My coach has kept me accountable. She has supported me when I did not feel the support I needed. My coach has cheered me on when I made accomplishments and still cheered me on when I would slip up. My coach talks me through various tools I need to work through emotional times or trying to think of ways to form my macros. Just a great guide to have. 

What is your current goal? What is up next?

My current goal is to have the most confidence in my body come my wedding in five months. I want to feel the wedding glow on the biggest day of my life.

I would like to continually use what I have learned on this journey to help me through the next life changes to come, like having kids. I want to be able to stay healthy and loving my own body. 

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