Summer Skincare

Summer is amazing for so many reasons. Vacations, pool parties, social events, barbecues… you name it. What’s not awesome about summer? Constantly sweating, experiencing more breakouts and sun damage.

Here are a few summer skincare practices to use to protect ourselves from aging and while we adjust to the heat!

Apply sunscreen every day

Yes, every day! One of the fastest ways to age your skin, accelerate wrinkles and create damage is through repeated sun exposure. There are certainly benefits of that natural Vitamin D production through your skin but that does come at a cost for aging as well as increases your risk for skin cancer. If you are particularly susceptible, this is really important to monitor.

As a good rule of thumb, applying medical grade sunscreen to your face and neck is a great way to protect your skin. My absolute favorite is Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46.  It’s designed specifically for sensitive skin prone to breakouts and they offer tinted and non-tinted options. I love using the tinted to even out my skin tone without makeup. It also works great under makeup and isn’t greasy. Elta MD also makes a great full body SPF as well! If you’re going be outside for an extended exposure, using a full body SPF is key.


Use a lighter moisturizer or serum

As someone with combination skin, even living in Florida I need a pretty heavy moisturizer to combat dryness. During the summer months though, this can be a bit too much and can clog my pores. Switching to a lighter serum like a Vitamin C or Peptide serum has been a game changer for my skin during the hotter and more humid months.


Don’t workout with makeup

While it might not always be possible, try to workout without makeup as much as possible, especially if you sweat a lot! I personally have the worlds sweatiest face (love that for me!) so I’ll react with some gnarly breakouts if I train too many times in the heat with a lot of makeup on. Regardless of if you wear makeup or not, using a clarifying wipe post training can really help keep your skin clear as well. I use these after jiu jitsu and also have them in my gym bag if I won’t be home right away after I train.

Myself and my great friend Racquel Frisella, a board certified Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, cover these topics and more on weeks Team LoCoFit Roundtable about Summer Skincare! You can listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube.

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